3D Soccer Training with MOTI Sports


Train Consistently, Retain Coaches & Engage Players with 3D Skills & Drills

Fun 3D visual learning with the MOTI™ Mobile app helps players, coaches and teachers learn soccer and how to do foot skills (techniques) and drills. The app helps establish an effective, consistent Coaching system. Providing quality practice plans and customizable session plans, pre-built and ready to use.

Players can also learn at home using the MOTI™ Mobile App as a stand-alone instructional tool. Easily master Soccer Foot Skills through interactive 3D animations that captivate and inform. Players are able to see it, interact with it and then do it. Get started for FREE with our Foundation Foot Skills and 2 Single Player Drills as an introduction to our Player Training:

  1. Download the MOTI™ Mobile App for FREE from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  2. Press "I am New to MOTI Sports" and enter your information. 
  3. Hand the App and ball to your player for fun and education!