Complete injury surveillance, injury tracking & medical records solution

AthleteHealth helps amateur sport organizations implement evidence-based injury surveillance, injury tracking & electronic medical records simply and easily.

Built in collaboration with the Oslo Sport Trauma Research Center, Norway’s IOC Research Center and FIFA Medical Center of Excellence, AthleteHealth is a complete, HIPAA Sports Medicine Platform.

AthleteHealth is:

  • Simple to use by health practitioners, coaches, athletes and researchers
  • Aligned with IOC and FIFA consensus statement on the protection of athletes health
  • HIPAA & GDPR compliant
  • Complete, customizable, easy to use
  • Adapted to every sport, age and level

AthleteHealth streamlines record keeping, monitor key injury surveillance metrics, and produce injury statistics and epidemiological reports in seconds. 

It's a true turnkey solution to implement data-driven injury prevention strategies based on the most accurate injury and illness data available.