CoachNow: Coaching and Sports Training Platform


An all-in-one coaching platform designed to transform the way you coach.

CoachNow is where Coaching Matters™.  If you’re in it to make a difference in the sport you love and for the athletes you coach, then CoachNow is built for you. We built this partnership with SportsEngine to make coaching easier on you by letting you import your existing team roster through our direct Roster integration with SportsEngine. Today, coaches in over 60 sports and 140 countries use CoachNow to transform the way they coach. 

We know coaching sports is much more than just coaching, it’s being a mentor, a role model, a leader, and a teacher. CoachNow replaces group texting, email blasts, and sorting through stuff in 10 different places. Integrated video and photo analysis tools will make follow up and communications with your athletes clear, effective, private, and engaging. Tasks that took you an hour will now happen in minutes. 

  • IMPORT YOUR SPORTSENGINE ROSTERSign up with your SportsEngine account, create a Team, and import your roster to start coaching immediately.
  • BUILT-IN VIDEO/IMAGE ANALYSIS TOOLSBuilt-in video and telestration tools make feedback with your team clear, effective, private, and engaging.
  • BETTER TRAINING. REAL-TIME FEEDBACKKeep a thorough journal of progress, tips, and training on your Team’s timeline while providing real-time feedback for instant learning.
  • EASY AND EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATIONTasks that took hours now take minutes. Replace texting, emails, and social media apps with messages all in one place for your parents and teams. 

Sign up for a free trial of CoachNow. Want to get CoachNow for your entire organization or a group of coaches? Contact us to learn more.

SportsEngine and CoachNow: Coaching and Sports Training Platform have teamed up to help families, coaches, teams and league admins. CoachNow: Coaching and Sports Training Platform works with the following sports management solutions, including SportsEngine, Tourney Machine