Double Good


The fastest way to raise.

Double Good has helped thousands of teams raise millions of dollars. Its innovative, online fundraising platform removes all of the common pain points typical in traditional fundraising and simplifies the ability for players, families and teams to raise significant amounts quickly, with minimal work or effort. 

Sell the most ridiculously delicious gourmet popcorn, get 50% profit, and with online ordering and direct shipping to your supporters, say goodbye to the headaches of traditional fundraising.

Download the app, invite your team, everyone creates their own pop-up stores, and within minutes, everyone is raising money. No product or paperwork to handle. How much can you raise?


"No paperwork, no money to handle, no phone calls or door to door selling. Just a click of a button and this popcorn really sells itself." - Dana Talbot, Xtreme Cheer  / $15,948 Raised

"By far the most successful fundraising campaign in my gym's 17 year history! We sold over $62K in 4 days."        - Veronica Burton, Crimson Heat / $62,951 Raised

"Double Good was the perfect fundraiser for our gym! The process was simple and the results exceeded our expectations." - Rachel Kelly, Brandon All-Stars / Raised $34,467

- "Double Good was the best, easiest, and fastest fundraiser we have ever don Our program raised over $30K in only 4 days!" - Dana Brewer Evancoe, Legendary Athletics / Raised $32,868 

"It was awesome!!!! So easy, so fun and so professional! Im so proud of our team, they sold over $27K! - Sheila Trost - Energizers / Raised $27,968

" It took off like gangbusters. I've never seen anything like it." - David Scardera, New England Pop Warner / Raised $167,000