Good To Go! by Sideline Sports Doc


Injury recognition app for parents, athletes, and coaches. Fast and easy.

Your child’s been injured – now what?You’ve been injured – now what?

Have you ever come home from an event and had to face one of these questions?  The Good To Go by Sideline Sports Doc app can help!

  • The app uses our proprietary SAFE Method™ decision algorithm to help you make the right assessment
  • Can be used for head injuries, spine, upper extremity, abdomen, lower extremity… pretty much anything!
  • Fast- takes only a minute or two
  • Helps you decide whether you need a bag of ice, can keep playing, or need to see a doctor immediately
  • Created by head team physicians with decades of experience in multiple college, pro, and national teams
  • Also the perfect complement if you’ve taken the Sideline Sports Doc online course!

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