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FDA-Cleared Concussion Assessment Tools

Our FDA-cleared concussion assessment tools help sports leagues and clubs take their concussion protocol to the next level. Including neurocognitive baseline testing in your concussion protocol is easy, and it gives athletes and their parents peace of mind knowing there is an action plan in case of a concussion. 

How Does Baseline Testing Work?

Baseline testing is administered before a sports season and measures an athlete's cognitive performance when the brain is in a healthy state. Should a head injury occur, the athletes' baseline test scores help the healthcare provider understand the specific cognitive deficits an athlete is experiencing. Having this added layer of information allows the healthcare provider to tailor their concussion treatment plan to the athlete, and safely return them to play. 

What Sports Should Include Baseline Testing?

Concussions can occur in any sport - not just contact sports. For this reason, all athletes should take a baseline test. 

What Happens After a Suspected Concussion?

If you suspect an athlete may have sustained a concussion, you'll refer them to a trained concussion care provider. If you don't have one on staff, you can find one in our extensive online network of trained concussion care providers

How Do I Set Up a Concussion Protocol?

Get step-by-step instructions on how to set up a concussion protocol in this free guide

How Do I Get Started?

Learn more about ImPACT Applications' concussion care tools, and get started baseline testing your athletes today!