InitLive makes recruiting & scheduling tournament staff easy!

Use InitLive to efficiently recruit, schedule and communicate with your tournament staff & volunteers before, during and after game day.

InitLive simplifies staff onboarding and administration so that tournament organizers, like you, can scale their efforts and deliver a quality attendee/participant experience every time.

  • Staff & Volunteer Scheduling SoftwareDitch spreadsheets, pen and paper, and other disconnected tools - switch to 1 powerful planning tool to efficiently organize your registration, schedule & rostering.
  • Communication at Every StageNever worry again about dropping the ball due to communication failures. Keep staff in the loop via automation and the InitLive mobile app - even on-site!
  • See Where Problems Exist & Fix Them FastAlways know when there are schedule conflicts, if staff are missing or late for a shift, and what area of the schedule is affected - then, make updates via the mobile app.
  • Gather Meaningful DataTrack key metrics like attendance, hours worked, and communication logs so you can identify areas for improvement and report on the value that your staff bring.

On average, our customers experience a 20% decrease in staff no-shows, a 33% increase in staff engagement, and a 50% increase in productivity.

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