Host DRAFTS to form fair teams from your players and coaches.

Forming teams is a crucial step for any league.  Players and parents want league parity so games are competitive and fun. Coaches want access to all player details and more transparency before the draft. Administrators need a better way to manage the team formation process. Enter OnlineDraft…

OnlineDraft provides a hosted draft system that is similar to fantasy-sports drafts with all of the features and functionality your league needs to form teams.

Some key features:

  • In Person or Remote Drafts
  • Pre-Assign (“Slot”) Players before Draft
  • Assign Players during the Draft (sibling & friend picks)
  • Administrator Rank available to all coaches
  • Coaches private rank before the Draft
  • Add Player Photos
  • Rosters available immediately after Draft


With our SportsEngine Integration, you can easily import your players and teams and hold your draft. When the draft is over, you can fully roster your players from OnlineDraft back to SportsEngine. Using OnlineDraft will greatly improve your team formation process and save time!


See how Lee's Summit JR Basketball Association uses OnlineDraft and its SportsEngine Integration to save 50% of the time required to draft and roster 1400 players in 15 divisions.


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