Pixellot - Automatic Sports Production


Capture, produce, and deliver every game and practice - no camera operator

If you have tried to webcast your games (or practices) you know just how difficult it can be to find and schedule a cameraman with high-quality gear.  Pixellot takes all the work off your plate!  Once installed, the Pixellot solution provides a fully automated sports production with exceptionally high quality at an incredibly low cost.


How does it work?  Pixellot’s patented technology, which includes a fully autonomous camera and patented software, covers the entire playing surface in a panoramic view.  AI-based algorithms then produce an HD quality feed by automatically following the play.  The output includes both the panoramic feed (which can be manipulated by players, coaches, and fans on their mobile device with standard gestures) and the HD feed.

Want to learn more on how Pixellot works? Click The Link to Watch this video

Pixellot is broadcasting from 10,000 high schools around the country. Watch how high schools are broadcasting dozens of games every month without any human intervention. 


SportsEngine and Pixellot - Automatic Sports Production have teamed up to help families, coaches, teams and league admins. Pixellot - Automatic Sports Production works with the following sports management solutions, including SportsEngine, SE Studio, TeamUnify, Tourney Machine, Trackwrestling