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Step onto a SmartCourt, Field, Gym or Rink and get connected - live stream and broadcast your sports career, review action with real-time, multi-angle video, track your performance with data and metrics, create content for your fanbase and coaches and much more.

Athletes across over 25 sports and all over the world are using PlaySight’s Smart technology to train more efficiently, improve faster and win more.

PlaySight's app enables athletes to access their Smart video content from anywhere at any time - additionally, you can upload your own sports video to the PlaySight app - to create video clips and store all of your sports video in one place.

Use the PlaySight app to review your sports video and data, live stream your own sports action, create coaching & highlight video clips, and analyze video with professional tools – frame-by-frame, slow-motion, drawing and analysis functions & much more.


  • Watch HD and 4k live streams from SmartCourts all over the world
  • Turn your phone or tablet into a SmartCourt with live streaming/broadcasting capabilities
  • Share your live sports action with fans, friends and family through e-mail, text & social media
  • Use the PlaySight app to access real-time video from multiple angles – great for officiating, VAR (video-assisted replay) and more


  • Review all of your SmartCourt video sessions
  • Upload your own videos to the PlaySight platform to create videos and access the tools
  • Create videos with voice-overs and annotations to share with players and coaches
  • Add drawings and biomechanical analysis to all videos
  • Track your progress over time with video and PlaySight analytics


  • Review SmartCourt sessions from all of your athletes
  • Create custom coaching clips for your players
  • Remotely work with players through live streaming and easy video sharing tools
  • Use Airplay and other technology to access the PlaySight app features in real-time during practices and on the sidelines during games


  • Create highlight and recruiting videos with the PlaySight video editor
  • Broadcast your sports moments to the world
  • Post all content to the most popular platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and export to your device to share on Instagram & Snapchat
  • Log in to SmartCourts directly with the PlaySight app by scanning the on-court QR code


“PlaySight has been a valuable tool for our coaches and basketball operations staff.

Bob Myers – General Manager, Golden State Warriors


“The features that are most useful for me are the number of camera angles available, because volleyball is such a game of angles. It gives me the capability to watch a play from what the offense is seeing and what the defense is seeing in the same play.”

Hannah Allison – Ensworth School Volleyball Coach


“PlaySight adds value to our facility. We’ve gotten great feedback from our coaches. They’re really appreciating having this type of a tool in their development process.”

Chad Faulkner – Founder & CEO of Sports Academy


“PlaySight is revolutionizing the sport… there is no other technology currently in tennis that is as advanced. PlaySight is exactly what we need to analyze my game and the things I need to improve on.”

Novak Djokovic – Former ATP #1 Ranked Men’s Player


“PlaySight adds value to our facility. We’ve gotten great feedback from our coaches. They’re really appreciating having this type of a tool in their development process, and I don’t think they would do without at this point.

Wes Swift – Jonesboro Academy Head Basketball Coach


“PlaySight’s live replay is a great tool for players that are visual learners. It helps our coaches correct issues as they happen, instead of days later.” 

Nick Terruso – Purdue Boilermakers Basketball – Director of Video