Affordable Coverage to Insure Non-Refundable Registration & Travel Fees

Registration Saver “Regsaver” is an AIG-backed insurance policy that allows parents or guardians to insure the price they pay for their child to play a sport. A solution to the typical “No Refund Policy,” Regsaver covers a sports season, camp or tournament. In the event the child becomes injured, ill or another covered peril occurs, the parent/guardian may get reimbursed up to 100% of the cost of their registration fee. Non-refundable travel expenses for the child and any traveling companions can also be insured for a camp or tournament.  



•  Registration fees typically are non-refundable

•  Injuries and illness happen

•  Non-refundable travel is covered (for a camp or tournament)

•  Coverage is fast, easy and affordable 

•  Claims are handled promptly and professionally 

•  24/7 customer service provided by AIG/Travelguard