Insurance For People On The Move

How much is your medical insurance deductible?Did you know that many policies don't cover the cost of an ambulance trip?

RESure is supplemental insurance coverage for “peace of mind” from kickoff until the final whistle.

  • It protects you & your loved ones during active moments in life.  For example:  Primary medical insurance may not cover injuries which cause you to pay out-of-pocket expenses due to your insurance deductible or co-payment.
  • A unique industry-first offering that acts as a form of “deductible insurance”
  • It is activated while participating in activities to give you an additional layer of protection from unexpected injury
  • Affordable, mobile accessible & a no-hassle claims process paid directly to you
  • Provides “peace of mind” when you and your loved ones need it

RESure looks forward to sharing how we can support your organization with this unique supplemental insurance. Click the Get Started button or visit