SMASH Routes - The Playbook Game


Interactive mobile game teaches football to athletes, coaches, and parents.

SMASH Routes turns team playbooks into a mobile game.

See our "How it Works" video here

Learn all aspects of the playbook while advancing through the Skills modules and unlocking plays in the Playbook.  Execute the plays from EVERY position to become a versatile player. Earn rewards and achievements along the way and level up to become a Playbook master!

Hey Coaches!  With a TEAM License, YOUR TEAM'S Playbook can be installed!  Get your players up to speed on their playbook quicker and see the results on the field. Create a fun learning environment for your players while receiving invaluable insight on their knowledge of the Playbook and concepts.

- Install custom Team Playbook (TEAM License)- TEAM-SPECIFIC plays AND language- Real-time in-app Player Performance Analysis- Challenge your Players- Coaches can play too to get more acclimated with the Playbook- Parents have access too, so they can play along with their child and learn as they do- Roster Management Tools using data analysis (Coming Soon)- Scouting Report Tools (Coming Soon)

ENTERPRISE LICENSE: Sports organizations/leagues have access to data across multiple teams, providing insight on knowledge levels of various ages, teams, players AND coaches.