TeamGenius Player Evaluation App


Streamline tryouts, player feedback & development with digital evaluations.

Clubs, associations, and leagues are ditching the old time-intensive paper and clipboard evaluation process in favor of digital evaluations with TeamGenius. TeamGenius allows organizations to streamline evaluations of all types with a powerful and easy-to-use web & mobile app solution.

TeamGenius helps organizations save time, reduce errors, and better develop their players by:

  • Replacing the paper and clipboard with a simple mobile app.
  • Providing player rankings and results immediately online.
  • Creating player feedback reports and tracking player development.
  • Making it easy to communicate tryout results and feedback reports with coaches, players, and parents.

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SportsEngine and TeamGenius Player Evaluation App have teamed up to help families, coaches, teams and league admins. TeamGenius Player Evaluation App works with the following sports management solutions, including SportsEngine, Tourney Machine, TeamUnify, GoMotion, SportsEngine