TUF: Building Champions from the Inside Out


Life Skills Lessons and Mobile App to increase your team’s performance

Watch this message from our all star TUF ambassadors, including Superbowl winning head coach Tony Dungy to learn more!


TUF Elite P2P

Do you see yourself the same way your teammates see you? Find out with our mobile app! The TUF Elite P2P will take your team from good to great by identifying individual and team strengths and weaknesses through self-ratings, peer ratings and team ratings. INCREASE human performance. INSPIRE positive behavior change.  IMPROVE weaknesses with TUF Life Skills.


TUF Life Skills

What is the point of separation that makes your team better than everyone else? Teamwork? Leadership? Respect? It’s the intangibles. TUF changes the culture of your team by positively impacting team climate and improving relationships between coaches and athletes.

TUF is a WIN/WIN for coaches and athletes! Is your team TUF enough?

Benefits for Coaches:

  • Builds team unity
  • Teaches Proven Leadership Skills
  • Provides unique insight into an athlete’s and team’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Improves athlete-coach relationship
  • Provides motivational (role-model pro-athletes) speakers via video testimonials


Benefits for Athletes:

  • Improves behavior on and off the field
  • Creates better decision-making and leadership skills
  • Boosts time management
  • Improves relationships and respect for authority
  • Increases self-awareness, social awareness, confidence and accountability


How can TUF fit into your team schedule?

  • TUF can be worked into a daily or weekly schedule for as little as 10 minutes per session or as much as 45 minutes per session depending on how you want to break up each lesson.
  • TUF can be done during the off-season as a team or individually.
  • Athletes can take TUF individually on their cell phones, laptops, tablets, etc.