A dedicated service connecting game officials with organized sports events

Don’t let old technology and paper hold you back!

Whistle provides greater convenience, access and connections to vetted game officials along with the following features and benefits:

Import your games directly into Whistle and expand your network of officials.

Hassle-free scheduling with an easy-to-use interface means you can manage multiple administrative tasks from anywhere!

Always stay connected and notified with our in-app messaging feature. Officials benefit by creating better relationships and less experienced officials find mentors along the way!

Rate officials while they'll feedback their experience, allowing you to reinforce the positive, address the negative and we'll notify you of any issues before it's too late.

No more cash trips to an ATM or time to write a check! Our secure automated payments deposit game fees directly into the recipients bank account while you can track and manage all payment history.

Oh, and unlike other services Whistle is completely free to officials. 100% of the game fee is yours!


"We are partnering with Whistle to help us stay on the cutting edge of technology, improve our communication and streamline our overall coordination of officials at Hoopla."

Jason Unruh, Tournament Director


Whistle is free to get started and there's no hidden fees with assignments starting from as little as $1.25.

Sign up today and let Whistle do all the heavy-lifting, meaning you can get back to doing more of what you love, making sports happen!


SportsEngine and Whistle have teamed up to help families, coaches, teams and league admins. Whistle works with the following sports management solutions, including SportsEngine, SE Studio, TeamUnify, Tourney Machine, Trackwrestling